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Diesel Engine Testing

Engine Tests

A variety of tests are conducted in our own laboratory, including JASO Diesel Engine Oil Detergency Test, JASO valve train wear test and other critical performance evaluations. The absolute accuracy of testing is made possible through the use of various types of control instruments, including a system that delivers a stable supply of intake air at a specific temperature and humidity. For the measurement of parts before and after testing we employ surface-roughness tester and various other precision instruments. Moreover, our JPI engine-test evaluation staff conducts test rating following each bench test.

Featured Activities

JASO M336 Diesel Engine Oil Detergency Test

JASO M354 Diesel Engine Oil Valve Train Wear Test

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Detergency Test & Valve Train Wear Test Bench
Surface-roughness tester Laser-micro tester
Surface-roughness tester
Laser-micro tester
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