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Test item lists


We offer support your R & D activities, quality control and sales activities by using SVC Tokyo's utilities and advanced technology.

Fuel-Oil Tests

Test item lists

Bio-Fuel Tests

Test item lists

Lubricant Tests

Test item lists

Grease Tests

Test item lists

Instrumental Analysis

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Bitumen Tests

Test item lists

Diesel Engine Testing

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Gasoline Engine/2-Cycle Engine Testing

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Environmental analysis (Soil and Ground water)

Test item lists



We will estimate particular charges for special testing methods, special materials and pre-treatment samples.


We charge for sample delivery.


We charge you for returning the rest of the samples, materials, and containers.


Normally, we provide your analytic test results within 10 days after receiving your sample.
A 50 % surcharge is required if you need the report sooner than 10 days.
* Some special tests require more than 10 days.
* We need 2 weeks to test engine performance.


We will estimate a particular charge for a test result reported in a foreign language.


We reference JASO Standard Methods when we test engine performance. We provide you with a broad range of services.


Due to cost pressures out of our control, our prices may change.

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