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Lubricant Tests


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Sample size


F102 Density at 15oC 30mL JIS K2249-1
F104 Density, Optimal Temperature 30mL JIS K2249-1
F105 Flash Point : PMCC 150mL JIS K2265-3
L207 Flash Point : COC 160mL JIS K2265-4
F110 Pour Point 90mL JIS K2269
F112 Water Content % 10mL JIS K2275
F177 Water Content ppm 10mL JIS K2275
F123 Carbon Residue : Micro Method 30mL JIS K2270-2
F131 Ash Content 100mL JIS K2272
K5531 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal)
3 elements and less
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
K5532 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal)
4~9 elements
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
K5533 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal)
10 elements and more
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
L121 Appearance (Lubricant) 50mL -
L202 ASTM Colour 50mL JIS K2580
L208 Kinematic Viscosity at 40oC 50mL JIS K2283
L209 Kinematic Viscosity at 100oC 50mL JIS K2283
L210 Kinematic Viscosity, Optimal Temperature 50mL JIS K2283
L211 Kinematic Viscosity after De-gassing 100mL -
L212 Viscosity Index 100mL JIS K2283
L213 Low-Temperature Viscosity (Brookfield) 100mL JPI-5S-26
L215 Base Number (Trisolvent) 50mL ASTM D4739
L216 Acid Number 50mL JIS K2501
L217 Base Number (HCl) 50mL JIS K2501
L218 Base Number (HClO4) 50mL JIS K2501
L219 pH 30mL -
L220 Air Release 400mL ASTM D3427
L221 Refractive Index at 20oC 30mL JIS K0062
L222 Aniline Point 30mL JIS K2256
L223 Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 600mL JIS C2101
L227 Contamination (Gravimetric Method) 100mL JIS B9931
L228 Contamination (Particle Count Method) 400mL NAS1638
L229 Foaming Characteristics Seq I~III 800mL JIS K2518
L2291 Foaming Characteristics 24℃ 400mL JIS K2518
L2292 Foaming Characteristics 93.5℃ 400mL JIS K2518
L2293 Foaming Characteristics (High Temperature) 400mL JIS K2518
L230 Demulsibility at 54oC 100mL JIS K2520
L231 Demulsibility at 82oC 100mL JIS K2520
L232 Demulsibility Characteristics 100mL JIS K2520
L234 Insolubles (Pentane A) 30mL ASTM D893
L235 Insolubles (Pentane B) 30mL ASTM D893
L236 Insolubles (Toluene A) 30mL ASTM D893
L237 Insolubles (Toluene B) 30mL ASTM D893
L241 Sulfated Ash Content 100mL JIS K2272
L242 Gasoline dilution : GC Method 5mL JPI-5S-24
L243 Gas oil dilution : GC Method 5mL JPI-5S-23
L244 Surface Tension 120mL JIS K2241
L245 Interfacial Tension 200mL -
L247 Carbon Distribution (n-d-M Method) 300mL ASTM D3238
L301 Shell Four Ball Test : WL(EP) 300mL ASTM D2783
L390 Shell Four Ball Test : LWI/WL/ISL 500mL ASTM D2783
L302 Shell Four Ball Test : WEAR 100mL ASTM D4172
L303 Four Ball Test : Soda Method 1,000mL JIS K2519
L304 Friction Test (Soda :method) 100mL -
L307 SRV Friction Test 50mL ASTM D6425
L308 Oxidation Stability : ISOT 500mL JIS K2514-1
L309 Oxidation Stability : TOST 600mL JIS K2514-2
L310 Oxidation Stability : RPVOT 200mL JIS K2514-3
L311 Timken Test 8,000mL JIS K2519
L312 Panel Coking Test 500mL FEDA3462
L313 Seal Compatibility 500mL JIS K6258
L314 Salt Spray Test 500mL JIS K2246
L315 Rust-Preventing Characteristics, Water 600mL JIS K2510
L316 Rust-Preventing Characteristics, Salt water 600mL JIS K2510
L317 Thermal Stability 100mL JIS K2540
L318 Thermal Stability : Cincinnati Method 200mL -
L319 Shear Stability : Ultra Sonic JASO 150mL JASO M 347
L3194 Shear Stability : Ultra Sonic JPI 150mL JPI-5S-29
L320 Copper Strip Test 100mL JIS K2513
L321 Low Temperature Viscosity : CCS 100mL JIS K2010
L322 Humidity Cabet Test 500mL JIS K2246
L326 Hot Tube Test 100mL JPI-5S-55
L327 NOACK Volatility Test 200mL JPI-5S-41
L328 Shear Stability : KRL 200mL DIN 51350-6
L329 SAE No.2 Friction Test 2,000mL JASO M 348
L331 High Temperature High-Shear Viscosity 100mL ASTM D5481
L332 Alkalinity Reserve 30mL JIS K2234:1994
L338 IAE Gear Machine Test 18L IP 166-77
L344 LFW-1 Friction and Wear Test 500mL JASO M358
L350 FZG 4,000mL DIN ISO14635-1
L351 LVFA:Friction Test 200mL JASO M 349
L382 Hydrolytic Stability Test 200mL ASTM D2619
L353 Shear Stability :Diesel Injector Nozzle 1,000mL ASTM D3945/D6278
L354 NOx Bubbling Test 100mL SAE Thechnical
Paper 881577
L355 Friction Characteristics 30mL JCMAS P047
L366 Low Temperature Viscosity : MRV 30mL JPI-5S-42
L381 Filterability Test 400mL JCMAS P043
L385 Electrical Conductivity 500mL JIS K2276
L386 Falex Pin and Vee Block : Wear 500mL ASTM D2670
L387 Falex Pin and Vee Block : EP 500mL ASTM D3233
L395 Rolling Fatigue Resistance of
Bearing Steel using the Unisteel Machine
2,000mL -
L549 Determination of the Water Reaction 200mL JIS K2276
P010 Vickers 35VQ25 Pump Test 400L ASTM D6973
P025 Vickers V-104C Pump Test (ASTM) 60L ASTM D7043
P0252 HPV35+35 Piston Pump Test 200L JCMAS P044
P036 Oxidation Stability in High Pressure Piston Pump 65L JCMAS P045
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