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Grease Tests


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Sample size


G301 Shell Four Ball Test : EP 300g ASTM D2596
G302 Shell Four Ball Test : WEAR 100g ASTM D2266
G390 Shell Four Ball Test : LWI/WL/ISL 300g ASTM D2596
G313 Seal Compatibility(Grease) 1,000g JIS K6258
G401 Dropping Point 10g JIS K2220
G402 Cone Penetration 500g JIS K2220
G403 Evaporation Loss 40g JIS K2220
G404 Copper Corrosion 80g JIS K2220
G406 Oil Separation 30g JIS K2220
G407 Dirt Content 5g JIS K2220
G408 Worked Stability 500g JIS K2220
G409 Leakage Test 200g JIS K2220
G410 Oxidation Stability 50g JIS K2220
G411 Timken Test 1,500g JIS K2519
G412 Water Washout 20g JIS K2220
G416 Shell Roll Test 60g ASTM D1831
G431 Low Temperature Torque 50g JIS K2220
G438 Apparent Viscosity 1,000g JIS K2220
G439 Life of Lubricating Greases in Ball Bearings at Elevated Temperatures 10g ASTM D3336
G441 Corrosion Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases 20g ASTM D1743
G442 Functional Life of Ball Bearing Greases 20g ASTM D1741:1986
G452 Rust Prevention Characteristics of Lubricating Greases 30g IP220
K510 Elemental Analysis for Grease(ICP) 5g -
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