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Instrumental Analysis


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Sample size


K501 Nitrogen Content 20mL JIS K2609
K502 Chlorine Content(XRF method) 100mL ISO15597
K554 Chlorine Content(ICP method) 5mL -
K503 Sulfur Content : Energy-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Method 40mL JIS K2541-4
K847 Sulfur Content : Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method 40mL JIS K2541-6
K510 Elemental Analysis for Grease(ICP) 5g -
K511 Carbon, Hydrogen 20mL ASTM D5291
K512 Hydrocarbon Type (Gasoline) : GC Method 10mL JIS K2536-2
K516 Additives Analysis ASK -
K517 Sludge Analysis ASK -
K521 X-ray Fluorescence ASK -
K522 XRD (X-ray Diffractometry) ASK -
K523 Gas Chromatographic Analysis ASK -
K524 Gas Chromatographic/Mass spectrometry ASK -
K5241 TOF-MS 5mL -
K525 GC Distillation (C6-C44) 10mL ASTM D 2887
K993 GC Distillation (C10-C90) 10mL ASTM D 6352
K526 IR Analysis 5mL -
K527 High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Analysis ASK -
K530 NMR (1H) Measurement (not Data analysis) ASK -
K531 NMR (13C) Measurement (not Data analysis) ASK -
K532 Aromatic Hydrocarbon type (JPI method) 120mL JPI-5S-49
K533 Aromatic Hydrocarbon type (IP method) 30mL IP 391
IP 548
K538 TLC-FID 10mL -
K539 TLC-FID(JPI Method) 10mL JPI-5S-70
K547 Lead Content (Gasoline) 30mL JIS K2255
K548 Aluminum and Silicon Content (Fuel Oil) 100g JPI-5S-62
K549 Metal Content (Na, K) 100g JPI-5S-62
K550 Metal Content (Fe, Ni, V) 100g JPI-5S-62
K5531 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal) 
3 elements and less
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
K5532 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal) 
4~9 elements
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
K5533 Elemental Analysis (based on additives and wear metal) 
10 elements and more
5mL JPI-5S-38、JPI-5S-44
K563 Ion Chromatography 100mL -
K565 Differential Thermal analysis (TG-DTA) 10mL -
K853 Oxygen Content 20mL ASTM D5622
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