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JASO M328 Valve Train Wear Test

Engine Tests

The JASO M328 specification test evaluates the valve train wear (cam, rocker-arm,etc.,) performance of lubricating oils for passenger car gasoline engines.

Test engine
Nissan KA24E (gasoline)
Test Fuel
Class 2 gasoline, as specified in JIS K 2202 or equivalents
Test conditions
One cycle consists in the following 2 stages:
  I II
time (mins.) 50 10
speed (rpm.) 800 1500
load (Nm) 15 15
Oil temp. at sump (oC) 503 -

(temperatures are also specified)
The test is run for 100 cycles
Test duration
100 hours
Measuring items
Includes .... rating of sludge and varnish / blocking of oil strainer / oil consumption / wear / deposits on valves / deposits in combustion chamber / used oil analysis
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