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JASO M336 Diesel Engine Oil Detergency Test (JASO M336:2014)

Engine Tests

Test method summary
The JASO M336:2014 specification test evaluates the detergency of automobile diesel engine oils at high temperature and high load.

Test engine specification
日産TD25 (ディーゼルエンジン)
Engine model
Hino Motors N04C-VH
4-cycle diesel engine
Number of Cylinders
In-line 4
Type of Combustion
DI,Turbo inter-cooled
Total displacement
4.009 L
Fuel injection system
Test conditions
Test conditions
Engine speed
2,800±20 r/min
Fuel injection rate
(97) mm3/st-cyl
(385) N・m
Cooling fluid outlet temperature
93.0±2.0 ℃
Engine oil gallery temperature
(113) ℃
Exhaust backpressure
19.0±1.0 kPa
Intake Air Temp
25.0±5.0 ℃
Running hours
200 h
( )typical condition
Measuring items
・Visual inspection of pistons
・Used oil analysis
(Source JASO M336:2014)
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