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Lubricant Properties Tests


Our constant objective is to provide the customer with timely, accurate data regarding lubricants, with particular emphasis on testing to JIS standards. This gives the customer a means of carrying out more effective quality control in the production and use of lubricants. Items tested include general properties of clean oils and conditions of deterioration in used oils. In addition, we regularly test-blend lubricants and perform physical-property checks, as per client requests. Please contact us for further details.

Featured Activities

* Oil contamination level (insoluble content, degree of contamination, water content, fuel dilution, etc.)

* Degree of oxidization/deterioration (neutralization point, ASTM color, etc.)

* Quality-control tests (kinetic viscosity, flash point, density, pour point, etc.)

* General-properties testing (mainly testing to JIS standards)

* Lubricant test-blending

Test item lists

Main Facilities

Automated, kinetic viscosity measuring equipment
Automated, kinetic viscosity measuring equipment


Neutralization-point measuring equipment
Neutralization-point measuring equipment


Automated insoluble-content analyzer
Automated insoluble-content analyzer


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